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RT @planetjedward: There’s always that one song, that picks you up, when you’re down what’s yours? #Jedward #WhatAWonderfulWorld https://t.…

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RT @JepicHQ: Its Jedward Bitch #JEDWARD

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RT @channel5_tv: Who is the real #Jedward? The twins show off their sensitive side ahead of their #100PercentHotter make-under. https://t.c…

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#Jedward on Instagram is the way to go ♥️

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RT @the3sistersbar: It’s announcement time again! #Jedward will be performing live as part of #CowgateStPat‘s this March! How #Jawsome is t…

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RT @JepicHQ: I’m John and I’m Edward and together we are #JEDWARD

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Your Doing It Your Flying and #Jedward couldn’t be More Proud You Know Id Do it But I Have Paws and Just Got A Manicure

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It’s OK to #Jedward On Instagram Don’t Be Afraid and if your feeling extra brave #FijiMouse

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RT @RTE_Ents: Oh #Jedward – never change!…

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RT @JepicHQ: On the Pop Rocket to @QUACKLINC tonight! #Jedward @PlanetJedward

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RT @TV3Xpose: With rumours that #EdSheeran and #Jedward could be collaborating, do you think this would be a good idea? #Xposé

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Stalking #Jedward on instagram just post pics from 2009-Now we love seeing pics like a memory book!! Seeing all yo faces

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RT @planetjedward: TWIN ROCKSTARS – Its #JEDWARD Bitch!

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RT @planetjedward: Help us Find you on Instagram! Post this picture with the #Jedward on Instagram and we will check you out…

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RT @planetjedward: Oh, hey Jedward!!! ??? #Jedward @Perezhilton

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